At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2017, we are able to say that the year will end according to our forecasts, as our company remains not only beneficiary but also possessing non-negligible monetary reserves.

The year 2018 will be a continuation of the previous year.

The solidity of our company, our group, allows us to launch new initiatives that will facilitate the adaptation of our faithful clientele (for some for more than 26 years!) to the new environment.

For exemple :

  • We facilitate the migration of our software



CONCEPT Family office

This faculty allows our clients to reconcile their current activities with the development of new initiatives within the field of the global family management (in a “Single” or “Multi Family” configuration”) and to diversify their sources of income.

We are pleased to note that our initial commitment (taken more than 25 years ago) to accompany our clients in their evolution and to guarantee the investment made during the acquisition of one of our products is Not an empty word.

Indeed, during the migration to CONCEPT Family Office, only the differential of the license price is taken into consideration in the calculation of the new fees.

  • The WEB version of our CRM CONCEPT Compliance LBA-AML was realized in collaboration with our sister company: :


This company, incorporated in 2015 in Hanoi (Vietnam), to allow us to master the new technologies (WEB), is installed in its own offices and endowed with his own staff.

  • During the second half-year 2017, other Web developments, already planned will be proposed to our clientele.
  • Currently, CONCEPT Processus, our banking interfaces allows:
    • Securely transfer transactions, positions, securities files, securities prices and exchange rates from banks
    • Rationalize at the most the accounting entries input in securities and financial accounting (if necessary)
    • It is also available in its version CONCEPT Processus+ allowing, trough new options:

● The automation of “transactions control”

It will be completed by:

● The automation of reporting “CRS”
● The automation of reporting “FACTA”


We are certain that our various initiatives will allow us to keep our important client base while favouring the acquisition of new relations.

« The company that survives is the one that adapts»