ANSWER SA / Atrium – Plan-les-Ouates

The aforementioned company, software editor, whose software ATRIUM which allows the consolidated management of assets, is experiencing difficulties, according to the publications published in the official sheet of commerce:

  • FOSC 159/2017 of 18.08.2017 – Publication 368 88 85 – “OPENING DATE OF BANKRUPTCY: 4 AUGUST 2017”.
  • FOSC 171/2017 of 05.09.2017 – Publication 372 69 91 – “EMERGENCY SALE”

This circumstance puts the clientele developped by Anwers SA since 2011 in potential difficulty.

Please note that our software packages:

CONCEPT Family Office (Versions Multi Family (MFO) and Single Family (SFO))

CONCEPT Independent Asset Managers (For individual independent managers or facilitating the grouping of the latter (shared costs / mini platform).

include, in addition, many other modules, like a WEB portal. Edited prior to the incorporationof the company Answer SA (2011), they can be deployed quickly in case of major difficulties.

Our company regrets the situation known by our colleague, which is not likely to consolidate the confidence that purchasers of software intended for the sector of finance should be able to expect from their suppliers of computer solutions.

At our corporate level, as well as our parent company (consolidated balance sheet), we have high levels of cash and capital equity:

FIGURES AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 (1 = 1’000 CHF)


– Cash at banks CHF 2’357
– Intangible assets (Software) CHF 1
– Capital equity CHF 1’738
– Reprogrammation reserve CHF 154


  • CORPORATE PERFORMANCE HOLDING SA (Consolidated Balance Sheet)

– Cash at banks CHF 4’488
– Tangible assets (whose offices: CHF 545) CHF 570
– Intangible assets CHF 2
– Minority interests CHF 436
– Capital equity CHF 3’869 CHF 4’305

– Reprogrammation reserve CHF 154



As the year 2017 takes place as planned, we can already say that our company / group will produce a profit, thus increasing our financial capacity.

Fiscal year 2018 foresees the further development of our company, generating again a profitable result.

Messrs. Jean-Luc Bonnet and Jean-Régis Mermillod stay at your disposal for any information.

Do not hesitate to contact them on +41 (0) 22 738 84 00 or at

We can already assure you special attention in these difficult circumstances.