For more than 25 years, our company develops and publishes software to cover the specific needs of actors working in the financial area, such as:

  • Compliance (AML / AML)
  • Family Office (Single Family “SFO” / Multi Family Office “MFO”)
  • Independent Managers (GFI)
  • Trustees,
  • Brokers,
  • Trustees

under the trade mark “CONCEPT“.

During this quarter century, our company has anticipated the evolution of the financial sector, by constantly adapting its software and  desining new products reproducing


This policy has may have been implemented through: :

  • the stability of our staff (an average of 16  years of service)
  • a robust financial situation::
  •  FIGURES AS AT DECEMBER 31, 2016   (1 = 1’000 CHF)

– Cash at banks                                               CHF       2’357
– Intangible assets (Software)                      CHF              1
– Capital equity                                               CHF       1’738
– Reprogrammation  reserve                       CHF          154

– EBITDA                                                   CHF         341

  • independent and stable shareholders composed as follows:
  1.  Corporate Performance Holding SA – Nyon      80 %   (***)
  2.  A Swiss individual                                                   20 %

(***) Corporate Performance Holding SA – Nyon
in turn being held by:

  • The group’s founder and major shareholder, ( Mr Roland Schönauer)           40 %
  • Pérennité Holding SA – Nyon                                                                                   20 %

This company is participated by employees, who have, through  their commitment, contributed significantly to the development of our societies and the creation of significant financial base.

                             These partners:

                                – Mr Jean-Luc Bonnet – Director
                                – Mr Jean-Régis Mermillod – Manager
                                – Mr Christophe Chevallier
                                – Mr Fausto Febbo – Proxy
                                – Mr Cédric Trinquet

This opening to the share capital of the group allows us to say that our companies will always be present in the world of software and services, this in a LONG-TERM VISION, ensuring our loyal customers, through the sustainability of our companies, the one of  their investment.

  • Four shareholders of Swiss nationality                                                                    40 %

Note that our parent company presents on 31 December 2016 (Consolidated balance sheet) the following figures:

(1 = 1’000 CHF)

  • Cash at banks                                                                CHF   4’488
  • Tangible assets (whose offices: CHF 545)              CHF       570
  • Intangible assets                                                          CHF           2
  • Minority interests                                                        CHF      436
  • Capital equity                           CHF  3’869                CHF   4’305
  • programming provision                                              CHF       154
  • EBITDA                                                                   CHF      478

These solid foundations allow our customers to consider a long-term collaboration with our company.

The action of destabilization conducted by an employee of one of our Anglo-Saxon competitors, claiming to have “bought Concept” is obviously unfounded!