The intermediate result as at 31/03/2021 allows us to already  affirm  that  the year 2021 will be a continuation of previous years, while the outlook for the future years 2022/2023/2024 is favorable despite the negative effects due to the restrictions imposed in order to curb the “COVID-19” virus.

A  significant part of our profit will continue to be allocated to maintaining our software packages at both technical and REGULATORY levels.

The :

  • financial strength of our group
  • stability of our staff
  • structure of our shareholders
  • customer loyalty

allowed us to keep our initial commitment made more than 29 years ago thus:


For exemple :

I.)   We have facilitated et we still facilitate the migration of our software



CONCEPT  Family office

This option allows our customers to reconcile their current activity with the development of new initiatives within the framework of global wealth management (Type Family Office in a “Single” or “Multi Family” configuration) and thus diversify their sources of income. .

Within the framework of the migration to CONCEPT  Family Office, only the differential of the license price is taken into account in the calculation of the new royalty for customers with a maintenance contract.

II.)    Since October 2020, we have been presenting to our customers the new versions of our software packages which have just been finalized:

These applications have been redeveloped in .NET. They become WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). They are in the process of being installed wiht diffrent clients.

Compliance with this standard, Microsoft’s latest approach to user interface) considerably improves the possibilities of using our applications while retaining all of the business functions that have made them successful.

The user is thus able to open several modules, or even the same module several times in order to access all the information he wishes, at the same time, in one or more screens.

The user defines his own preferences in order to personalize the application according to his way of working such as the zoom level, his favorites, his color theme, etc.

This major technological development was carried out in collaboration with our sister company.


This company, incorporated in 2015 in Hanoi (Vietnam) to enable us to control new technologies, is installed in its own offices and has its own staff.

Our goal is to complete this profound technological change to all of our software packages by the end of 2021 (Concept Brooker etc).




For more than 29 years, our company develops and publishes software to cover the specific needs of actors working in the financial area, such as:

  • Compliance (AML / AML)
  • Family Office (Single Family “SFO” / Multi Family Office “MFO”)
  • Independent Managers (GFI)
  • Trustees,
  • Brokers,
  • Trustees
  • Processus (banking interfaces)
  • Processus + (facilitating the management of risk transactions)

under the trade mark “CONCEPT“.

For more than a quarter of a century, our company has anticipated the evolution of the financial sector, by constantly adapting its software and  desining new products reproducing


This policy has may have been implemented through: :

  • the stability of our staff (an average of 19  years of service)
  • a robust financial situation::
  •  FIGURES AS AT DECEMBER 31, 2020   (1 = 1’000 CHF)

– Cash at banks                                           CHF      2’478
– Co-owned offices                                      CHF        500
Intangible assets (software)                   CHF            4
– Capital equity                                             CHF    2’396

– EBITDA                                                       CHF       340

  • independent and stable shareholders composed as follows:
  1.  Corporate Performance Holding SA – Nyon      80 %   (***)
  2.  A Swiss individual                                                   20 %

(***) Corporate Performance Holding SA – Nyon
being held by:

  • The founder of the group and major shareholder, ( Mr Roland Schönauer)           40 %
  • Pérennité Holding SA – Nyon                                                                                30 %

This company is participated by collaborators who have, through their commitment, contributed significantly to the development of our companies as well as to the constitution of a significant financial base.

                             These partners are:

                                – Mr Jean-Luc Bonnet – Director
                                – Mr Jean-Régis Mermillod – Manager
                                – Mr Christophe Chevallier – Deputy Director
                                – Mr Fausto Febbo – Proxy
                                – Mr Cédric Trinquet – Deputy Director

This opening to the group’s share capital, and our financial reserves, allow us to affirm that our companies will always be present in the world of software and services, this in a LONG-TERM VISION, ensuring to our loyal customers, through of the sustainability of our societies, that of their investment

  • Three shareholders (physicals persons) of Swiss nationality                                 30 %

Note that our parent company presents on 31 December 2020 (Consolidated balance sheet) the following figures:

(1 = 1’000 CHF)

  • Cash at banks                                                            CHF     3’289
  • Tangible assets (whose offices: CHF 500)            CHF       550
  • Intangible assets (software)                                     CHF           4
  • Minority interests                                                       CHF       479
  • Capital equity                                                              CHF    2’784
  • EBITDA                                                                        CHF       356

In addition, since 2016 Computer Performance Services SA has been allocating a significant part of its results to the elaboration and programing of new modules, such as:

– Concept Compliance LBA-AML

– Concept Processus + (Monitoring of risk transactions, CRS, FATCA …).

– The programming of some modules of its software packages in new technologies.

These solid foundations allow our customers to consider a long-term collaboration with our company.